My life in the arts has taken me on a very diverse journey. Sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, drawing, graphic design, architecture and interior design were all driving forces in finding my way. 20 years ago I bought my first kiln and clay became my vehicle of choice. I challenge clay and clay challenges me. It’s like a marriage, always growing as you become better friends. The longer you work together the freer you become to experiment and make mistakes and learn more about the magic you share.

All my work is one of a kind. I use slab, coil and extruded techniques, alone and in combination, to create my forms. I draw on nature for my inspiration, not to duplicate, but to give me direction. As I work my way through the design process my forms emerge and find their way to the end product. My main focus is on the form and I’m constantly experimenting with texture, line and balance. My firing choice determines what colors I want to achieve. I do not limit myself to one type of firing and sometimes find that multi firing in different atmospheres gives me better results. Sometimes these results are big failures which open doors to new ideas which keeps me constantly learning, growing and moving in new directions.

Most of my work is low fired electric, raku fired and sawdust fired. The pieces are decorated with slips, commercial and home made glazes, terra sigillata and some times left raw to let the fire control the color. I have also been incorporating new elements into my work, wood, metal and found objects, both pre and post firing. I am always evolving and my work is a reflection of the constant change I find myself in.

We are architects of our environment and it is my pleasure sharing part of my life with you.

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